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Welcome to ClineDust

ClineDust is a unique blend of spices, originally created in our home kitchen.  This unique blend brings out the best flavors in a variety of foods, including all meats, vegetables, and even eggs.  The amount used comes down to personal taste, but beware, the longer it sets, the hotter it gets!  The beauty of the ClineDust blend is that you only have to grab one spice off the rack to get it right, every time you cook. 

The purpose of ClineDust is to supply the home chef with a new and interesting way to cook their traditional meals. Your "comfort zone" in the kitchen will not be infringed upon with new recipes; with only one new ingredient you will change the way you think of your cuisine. California Cajun is a style that is not afraid to put a little heat into food without changing the basic fundamentals of a dish. Be bold, experiment, drink wine.

Recipes for specific dishes will be provided. They are simple and easy to follow (for the most part. If our kids can cook it, you should be able to also).


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